VOYA Launches Renewal Eyes: 100% Organic Seaweed Eye Masks

Introducing Renewal Eyes - 100% Seaweed Eye Masks, our latest and purest product launch that truly represents the organic nature of VOYA. These new one hundred percent organic seaweed eye masks deliver deep hydration to the delicate eye area and are made from pure hand harvested, sustainably sourced Irish Laminaria Digitata seaweed – nothing more, nothing less.

Voya Organic Beauty launches new 100% organic seaweed eye masks


Inspired by the cooling and rejuvenating marine eye patches used in luxury VOYA facials, the Renewal Eyes Seaweed Eye Masks are the perfect way to experience this unique spa treatment at home. These new eye masks will cool and soothe the delicate under-eye area, whilst also plumping and hydrating the skin. They will also work to improve elasticity and help to minimise the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.


Seaweed has been used for over three hundred years as therapy for a variety of skin and rheumatic conditions in Ireland. Did you know that seaweed naturally absorbs its nourishment from the sea and over 80% of the seaweed plant is made up of essential minerals, vitamins, and other bioactive compounds?

Our scientific studies confirm that seaweed helps increase the skins’ ability to fight free-radical damage, decrease trans-epidermal water loss and helps with Collagen 1 production. In conjunction with the Shannon Biotechnology Research Centre at the Institute of Technology Tralee, we confirmed that seaweed helps collagen production in the skin by over 202% and Laminaria Digitata seaweed in particular is proven to increase the skins’ ability to fight against free radicals by over 122%*. Made from bioactive compounds, seaweed plumps the skin, helping to reduce the signs of sun damage with natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Voya new 100% organic seaweed eye masks


Sustainability is at the heart of everything VOYA do and protecting the biodiversity of the reefs is of the upmost importance to us. That is why we hand-harvest the seaweed used to make Renewal Eyes, meaning no machinery is used so as not to harm the delicate seabed or marine life. Only a small portion of the seaweed is cut at a time to ensure it grows back within 6 - 24 months. The harvesters, like farmers, move on to the different parts of the reef to allow it to fully grow back and replenish, thus creating sustainable harvesting.

Packaged in dried form, the eye masks are super lightweight. Once prepared in warm water, just like in nature, they miraculously spring back to life, expanding to regenerate and release their nourishing seaweed gels. Leaving no trace, these masks are 100% compostable (after use put them in your compost bin or on your garden as they make a great natural fertiliser!) and packaged in recyclable inner sachets, with outer cartons made with compostable FSC board. 


After removing the eye masks from packaging, soak the pair in warm water in a bowl for around 5 minutes to activate the seaweed. The eye masks are ready to remove once they have expanded and are pliable and soft. Remove from the warm water and leave to stand for 2 minutes. Eyes Masks should be cool upon application. Apply after cleansing to clean dry skin. Press and smooth directly onto skin and hold until it sticks. Leave on for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Ensure to spread excess seaweed gel outwards onto the surrounding eye area for an added collagen and antioxidant boost. Use alongside VOYA’s Bright Eyes Crème during the day for a revitalising lift or for a restorative treatment use alongside VOYA’s Visage Eye Mask at night.

Voya Renewal Eyes 100% Organic Seaweed Eye Masks


Renewal Eyes 100% Seaweed Eye Masks are Vegan, Cruelty free, certified organic by the IOA (Irish Organic Association) and available to purchase now.

*Independent scientific research on the efficacy of seaweed completed in conjunction with the Shannon Biotechnology Research Centre at the Institute of Technology, Tralee. **in-vitro testing at the Shannon Biotechnology Research Centre.