Can I place my order over the phone?

Unfortunately, we are unable to process any orders over the phone. All orders must be placed through our website, where payments are processed securely.

Do I need to create a customer account to place an order?

No, you can create a Customer Account with us at any point, or checkout as a guest if you'd prefer.

Do you include billing or payment information within the parcel?

We do not include any billing or payment information with our orders We only email this information to the email address submitted with your order.

I have placed an order, but I forgot to add an offer code, can I still add it?

Unfortunately, we are unable to add offer codes to orders once they have been placed. Should you wish to redeem an offer code, we can cancel the original order and the order will have to be placed again.



Can I cancel my order?

If you need to cancel your order, please contact us within an hour of placing your order at, quoting your Order ID.

Can I amend my order?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to amend an order once it has been placed. If you'd like to add products to your order, please place a new order. If possible, VOYA will package both orders together.

What payment options do I have?

VOYA accept Visa, MasterCard. We also accept PayPal.

I can't process my payment, what should I do?

If you are having trouble processing your payment details on our website, please follow the steps below:

  • Contact your bank to make sure there are sufficient funds in your account.
  • Verify you are entering the credit card’s CVV and billing information correctly.
  • Verify that your 3D secure is set up as required. If you are not sure, please contact your bank to verify this.
  • Make sure your billing name, address and phone number matches the details registered to payment card.

If the issue remains, please contact our Customer Care Team via email at


Where does VOYA ship to?

VOYA ship worldwide with some exceptions. At present due to restrictions beyond our control, we are not able to process your order if you are based in Russia, the People's Republic of China or the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! Standard free shipping is available on orders that reach a minimum spend threshold. Please see thresholds below: 

  • USA - Free shipping is available on orders above $100.00 (excluding any discounts)
  • Canada - Free Shipping is available on orders above $250.00 (excluding any discounts)
How can I track my order?

You should receive a confirmation email when your order has been shipped with a tracking number. Due to COVID19 issues, we are currently experiencing issues around tracking numbers. Please be patient during this time.

My shipment hasn’t arrived, what should I do?

Due to increased restrictions on shipping and new work practices around social distancing relating COVID19 please allow additional time for shipping. If you still haven't received your order after this time, get in touch with our team through our customer service here.

Is your packaging branded?

Yes, orders are packaged in a bespoke VOYA gift box.

What are the packing chips in my delivery made from?

Our packaging chips are 100% biodegradable and dissolve in water.



I have a problem with my order, what shall I do?

If you have received an item that is not what you ordered, please contact our Customer Care Team directly at with the following information:

1. Order Number.

2. Product Code or description of missing product.

3. Product Code or description of product you have received in error.

4. An image of all products received in your order.

You can always check your dispatch note within your order to see what should be enclosed. If the missing product is not listed, please make our customer care team aware of this.

I have received a faulty item, what should I do?

We are so sorry that you have received a faulty item & of course we would love to get this rectified for you as quickly as we can.

As soon as you discover a fault, please contact us via email at with the following information:

1. The order number.

2. The product name.

3. A description of the fault.

4. An image and/or video of the fault.

As soon as we have received this information, our Customer Care Team will be back in touch.

My Order has arrived damaged?

We are so sorry that an item in your order has arrived damaged, we would love to get this rectified for you as quickly as we can. As soon as you discover a fault, please contact our Customer Care Team here with the following information:

1. The order number.

2. The product name.

3. A description of the damage.

4. An image of the damage.



What is your return policy?

You can return unopened and unused items for a full refund within 28 days of receiving your original order. If you wish to return your order to us please ensure that the items are unused, unopened and in their original packaging.

We cannot, unfortunately, refund any items that have been opened or used products (excluding those which are found to be faulty).

Read our full returns policy here.

What is your returns address?

KBR Fulfillment Inc

249 Trade Zone Drive

Ronkonkoma NY 11779

I returned an item to you, when will I know you have received it?

We will notify you via email to confirm we have received your return and your refund has been processed. Please allow up to 14 working days for your return to be processed before contacting our team.

I have returned an item to you, when will I receive my refund?

We will aim to process your refund with 14 working days from the date we receive this back at our warehouse. Once this has been processed, you will be notified via email.

What products are non-returnable?

We are unable to accept returns on any items that have been opened or used. We will be unable to accept returns of sealed goods for health protection or hygiene reasons if the seal has been opened by you after delivery.



Can I redeem a Gift Voucher online?

If you have a gift card for our sister-company the VOYA Seaweed Baths, this voucher can only be used against goods and services at this location. It cannot be used on

Do you sell Gift Vouchers online?

We do not currently sell e-vouchers. However, we are working on providing this service.



Are your products Organic?

VOYA products contain as many organic ingredients as possible and we voluntarily submit our products to be certified by both the Soil Association COMOS and the Irish Organic Association (IOA). For a product to be labelled organic 95% of all ingredients must be organic. VOYA is committed to using only natural and non-toxic ingredients. Our products contain certified organic ingredients (minimum 70%) and are made without:

  • Artificial Colours or Fragrances
  • Mineral Oils
  • GM Ingredients
  • Dioxins (carcinogenic)
  • Petrolatum or Petrochemicals (derived from petroleum)
  • Parabens
  • Imidazolidinyl urea
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (detergent)
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Hexane
  • Phthalates or Aluminium
Are your products cruelty-free?

VOYA is proud to be a cruelty-free brand, we are totally opposed to the practice of animal testing in cosmetic research. We do not test any products on animals and have an agreement with our contract manufacturers that they don’t or will never be involved in animal testing of any kind.

What are your products packaged in?

Our products are packaged using recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable materials. Our packaging board is a special blend of FSC certified pulps using our own harvested seaweed and even the packing chips we use are 100% biodegradable and dissolves in water.

Do your products contain animal derivatives?

We use a certain animal derivatives including honey and beeswax in a very small selection of our products. Over 90% of our products are vegan-friendly.

I am vegan – can you tell me if your products are still suitable for me to use?

We use a few animal derivatives such as honey, beeswax in a very small section of our products. You can check the vegan-friendly status of a particular product using the FAQ tab on the relevant product page.

I have a nut allergy – are your products still suitable?

A small number of our products would contain nuts. You can check the status of a particular product using the FAQ tab on the relevant product page. If you have any concerns, please consult your doctor before use.

I'm pregnant, what products can I use?

Over 90% of VOYA products are suitable for pregnancy. You can check the status of a product my clicking the FAQ tab on the relevant product page. If you have any concerns, please consult your doctor before use.

How long can I use the product for once it has been opened?

To get the very best out of our products, we recommend using the products within 6 months after opening. Please see best before dates displayed on our packaging.

Are there variations in product batches?

Yes, due to the high organic nature of VOYA products, variations in batches do occur, this is the nature of using only organic ingredients. Some batches may differ from one another even though the source, quantities and processing of the ingredients remain the same. Because of VOYA's organic status we do not use any strong chemicals/ingredients to stabilise or maintain our products in a uniform state, so, unfortunately, some small variations may occur. No returns will be accepted unless there is found to be an issue with the entire batch of the product in question.

The scent of my reed diffuser is different to my previous one.

Variations in scent can also be noted due to the organic nature of the product, as VOYA do not include any artificial fragrances or stabilisers in our products. We recommend changing the oil in VOYA Reed Diffuser's every 4-6 weeks. The strength of the scent will also depend on the position of the diffuser, for example, if it is placed in a very open space, in direct sunlight or near a radiator or heating device, then the scent may diffuse more rapidly and thus the oil may need to be changed on a more regular basis. We would also suggest that users flip the reeds frequently to help diffuse and prolong the scent.