For every VOYA product sold,
3 bottles are prevented from entering
the ocean.

plastic bottles prevented from entering the ocean


VOYA is partnering with Plastic Bank to support their mission to stop plastic before it enters the ocean. The equivalent of one rubbish truck full of plastic enters the ocean every minute, and by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish*. We are proud to have made several commitments as part of our Ocean Steward partnership with Plastic Bank and over the next two years, VOYA has pledged to help stop the equivalent of over 2 million single-use plastic bottles from entering the ocean. This is equivalent to over 45,000 kg of plastic and means for every VOYA product sold, we will help to prevent 3 plastic bottles from entering the ocean.

*Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation

About Plastic Bank

Plastic Bank is a social enterprise working to stop plastic from entering the ocean. Plastic Bank has ethical plastic collection branches within 50 kilometres of coastlines and waterways. The collection community members gather plastic waste directly from local beaches, riverbanks, neighbourhoods, and even households. Plastic Bank currently operates in Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, and the Philippines, and is working towards a franchise-based expansion in Cameroon and Thailand.

As well as environmental impact, Plastic Bank supports social change by empowering communities in vulnerable coastal areas with high rates of plastic pollution and poverty. Members of collection communities exchange plastic waste at local collection branches for secure income and life improving benefits.