VOYA Launches Three New Essential Oil Scents

VOYA invites you to enhance your mood with our new Essential Oil scents, Lift, Rest, and Zest, the latest additions to the VOYA fragrance portfolio. Launching in January 2024, these three unique scents have been designed to sit alongside the original VOYA Essential Oil, VOYA Essence, which features the refreshing and distinctively VOYA notes of Lime and Mandarin.


VOYA strongly believes in creating environments, products, and treatments that support wellness, inside and out. The power of aromatherapy is much more than filling your home with scent; these three carefully balanced organic oil blends are centred around supporting wellbeing.

Voya Lift Essential Oil Blend Rosemary and Lavender Scent



To Refresh and Revitalise.

Lift is a refreshing scent with top notes of Spearmint combined with Rosemary and Lavender.


To Soothe and evoke Tranquillity.

Rest is a grounding scent that features top notes of Lavender and is balanced with Lemon and Rosemary notes to add a contemporary edge.

Voya Rest Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oil


To Awaken and Uplift.

Zest is an uplifting scent, with top notes of Eucalyptus combined with Lime and Rosemary.

Eucalyptus and Lime Essential Oil Blend


For best results, VOYA recommends using the Essential Oils as a body product by adding drops to your bath or foot spa and adding them to your body moisturiser.

For a bath or foot spa, fill your bathtub to at least one-third full and add 10-15 drops.

For use in body moisturisers, VOYA recommends 1-2 drops per 10ml of body moisturiser.

The oils have also been designed to be used alongside specific VOYA spa treatments, allowing spa clients to choose their preferred scent to create a personalised sensory experience.