Body Butter or Body Lotion - what is the difference?

Did you know that keeping your skin moisturised helps to keep it adequately hydrated and supports the skins natural moisture barrier?

We all know that external environmental stressors, such as the weather, central heating, and pollution can cause havoc with our skin, leading to a loss of moisture and dry, flaky skin. That’s where moisturisers, like body butters and body lotions can help!

What’s the difference between a Body Butter and a Body Lotion?

While both products help to soothe and moisturise your skin, body butters and body lotions have some key differences. While the aim of each one is to hydrate and soften your skin, the main difference is texture!

Body Butters tend to have a creamier and thicker consistency and their main ingredients tend to be Shea or Cocoa butters. While body lotions are usually lighter in consistency and one of their main ingredients would be Glycerin.

Voya Softly Does It and Buoyancy Body Butter

What type of skin do Body Butters suit?

Body Butters are suitable for all skin types but are especially good for those suffering from dry skin and rough patches. Body Butters are the perfect antidote for bodies left parched from the harsh effects of the sun or central heating in the Winter. Because of their thicker consistency Body Butters tend have a more luxurious and indulgent feel when used on the skin.

What type of skin do Body Lotions suit?

Again, like body butter, most body lotions are suitable for all skin types. While body butters tend to be richer in consistency, body lotions are usually lighter and more quickly absorbed into the skin. Body lotions are a great choice when you want to give a hydrating boost to the skin but prefer something a little less heavy on your skin.

Voya Organic Moisturisers

Which one will suit my skin?

Body butters and body lotions are suitable for all skin types. Typically, it will be your personal preference as to which one you decide to use. You may prefer a light body lotion during the summer months and a thicker more indulgent option in the winter months. Or, depending on how your skin is at a particular time, it may need a thicker butter to infuse hydration and settle dry and irritated skin. The same can be said for using a body lotion all year round if that is your personal preference!

What Body Moisturisers does VOYA offer?

VOYA offers both a Body Butter and a Body Lotion, so you can take your pick of one or the other or both!

Buoyancy Body Butter

Buoyancy is our new kid on the block, launched just this month, this indulgent body butter contains three key ingredients, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Fucus Serratus Seaweed Extract.


Rich in triglycerides, fatty acids, and vitamins – effective when hydrating the skin. It also contains fatty acids namely linoleic acid and oleic acid, which offer incredible moisturising qualities.


Cocoa Butter contains an abundance of antioxidants which will assist with the repair of premature aging skin, give a youthful appearance to skin, and quell inflammation.


Fucus Serratus seaweed has proven pro-aging benefits through its collagen-boosting powers.


The butter is scented of lavender and rosemary. Lavender represents purity, calmness and pure relaxation. While Rosemary has a very aromatic scent like herbs and woody evergreen-like plants, it boosts air-cleansing, disinfectant properties. Combining these fragrances VOYA delivers a clean crisp and deeply aromatic sensory experience.

Buoyancy Body Butter is also COSMOS organic certified, vegan, and cruelty-free. It is packaged in a fully recyclable tub, made of recycled plastic PET, driven by VOYA’s passion for a more sustainable world.


Softly Does It is VOYA's distinctly fragrant and nourishing seaweed-based body lotion with notes of Citrus and the Sea. Formulated with key ingredients of hand-harvested organic Irish seaweed, anti-ageing prickly pear oil, super softening plum oil, and poppy seed to intensely soothe and hydrate, improving skin suppleness and elasticity. 


The scent is our signature and contains an infusion of zesty Lime and rejuvenating Mandarin. Softly Does It will leave your skin deeply hydrated, soft, fresh, and revived, and like Buoyancy, Softly Does It is certified organic by the Soil Association, vegan and cruelty free. It’s packaging is also fully recyclable!