October Spa of the Month | A-Rosa Resorts, Germany

An A-ROSA time-out is full of relaxation and wellbeing every day. Whether you are taking a long walk along the sea and exploring the beautiful beaches or relaxing in the SPA-ROSA – your experience will be full of possibilities.

A-ROSA Sylt Germany Spa

Feel the North Sea breeze or breathe in the fresh Baltic Sea wind…

Escape from everyday life and immerse yourself in A-ROSA destinations by the sea. Whether in A-ROSA Sylt or Travemünde, you can re-generate your strength with a comprehensive range of wellness activities, VOYA treatments and local nature.



At A-ROSA Sylt you fall asleep to the sound of the sea and wake up to the sound of seagulls. With its wild dunes, majestic cliffs and wonderfully pure sea air, the island enchants its visitors in every season. Whether it’s the small, thatched roof houses, sweet streets or long sandy beaches that capture your attention, there are plenty of regional treasures that await you on the island.

Couple enjoying their stay at the A-ROSA Sylt Spa in Germany


The wellness oasis at SPA-ROSA invites you to dive right in, with its 3,500m² of peace and relaxation, innovative sauna concept and versatile treatments. If you want to spend more time outside in the fresh air, opt for the outdoor pool which blends beautifully into the dune landscape.

Of course, if the weather is not favourable and you prefer to stay cocooned indoors, you can also take full advantage of the wonderful indoor pool. At A-ROSA Sylt there are also six themed saunas that offer sophisticated technology and relaxing infusions, and after your sauna session you are invited to switch off and enjoy the versatile relaxation rooms.

The Sauna at the A-ROSA Sylt Spa in Germany


A real sense of wellbeing awaits you in SPA-ROSA Sylt, where you choose the personal wellness programme tailored to your needs.

For the complete top-to-toe relaxation journey, try the VOYA Voyager Massage Journey. This incorporates a scalp massage, face massage, stretches and body massage that echoes the movement of the sea, with a combination of both gentle and stimulating movements. This is the ultimate luxury treatment to relieve aches and pains and is tailored to individual needs.

Women enjoys the A Rosa Sylt Spa and Sauna

If you’re hoping to sleep well on your trip to the seaside, look no further than the VOYA Mindful Dreams sleeping ritual. This is a relaxation treatment that offers luxury and comfort in an incomparable sleep encouraging experience. Be ready to have all stresses and strains melt away in this ultimate sensory treat, to help you achieve the perfect night’s sleep.



Large ships, long sandy beaches, and a fresh sea breeze… If you are looking to spend time in one of the oldest and most traditional German seaside resorts, A-ROSA Travemünde offers views of the Baltic Sea, fine cuisine, and a wonderfully relaxing break. Here you can enjoy the view of the Bay of Lübeck, with lots of sailing ships and the large ferries that create a maritime holiday feeling from afar, spend hours on the Baltic Sea beach or even head out on exciting sailing trips to the rhythm of the Baltic Sea waves.

A-ROSA Travemünde spa and sauna Germany

The four-masted barque Passat is the symbol of the seaside resort, and afterwards you can stroll along the front row of the promenade or ride your bike to the Brodten bluff. The perfect way to unwind afterwards? Being pampered from head to toe in the spa with a VOYA treatment! 


When the world outside is chaotic, the SPA-ROSA Travemünde is a welcome haven of calm: the only thing on the schedule here is your needs. On offer here is a 4,500m² spa that impressively spans two levels to offer the ultimate wellness sanctuary.

During your time at A-ROSA Travemünde, if you want to feel close to the sea and experience truly amazing detoxifying therapy, the VOYA Organic Seaweed Leaf Wrap is the perfect answer. Unlike any other seaweed treatment, this uses organic seaweed leaves to scrub and wrap your body and is excellent in conjunction with a weight loss programme. Beginning with a bladder-wrack body buff, this treatment detoxifies, firms, and softens the skin, before the whole body is then covered in Laminaria Seaweed leaves for instant results.

Voya treatments at A-ROSA Travemünde Germany

Another fantastic experience that is renowned as ‘Sailor’s Cure’ and very fitting with the location of this A-ROSA resort is the VOYA Lazy Days Detox Seaweed Bath. Here you can submerge your body into a bath of organic, hand-harvested Atlantic seaweed (Fucus Serratus) to remove unwanted toxins and alleviate aches and pains. This bathing ritual is the simplest and purest of all organic treatments. Lazy Days utilises the natural power of organic hand-harvested seaweed to deeply moisturise the skin, increase circulation and promote healing internally and externally.

And if you would like to breathe the beautiful Baltic Sea air, we recommend that you head outside to rest in the outdoor area before or after your treatment.


Falling into bed happy and content after a revitalising day by the North Sea or the Baltic Sea is easy at both A-ROSA resorts.

If you’re staying at A-ROSA Sylt, you have choice of 177 beautiful rooms that offer sea or land views, and to enjoy the famously soothing Sylt breeze you can experience one of the rooms with a balcony, terrace, or loggia. The Hideaway Suite is extra special, with 90m² of living space, a huge bathtub, and spectacular views of the Wadden Sea.

At A-ROSA Travemünde you can wake up comfortably by the Baltic Sea in one of its 153 rooms or 40 suites that offer the ideal retreat. With views out either to the sea or the countryside, you can enjoy the setting of the seaside resort while feeling completely at home with the luxurious décor. And just like A-ROSA Sylt – to engage all of your senses, why not try a room with a balcony or terrace!



For more information on A-ROSA Resorts, please visit their website here. On their website you can read more about each resort, and of course view the full VOYA treatment offering at both A-ROSA Sylt and A-ROSA Travemünde.

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