Claire Walsh Free Diver

This time last year I became an ambassador for VOYA. Back then they were a luxury skincare company, Irish and even better still, organic, whose products my washbag and dressing table coveted. 

Away training at the time in far hotter climates, I relished my days spent in crystal clear waters with coral of dazzling colours just below the surface.

Níl aon fharraige mar d'fharraige féin

There’s no sea like your own sea. 

As idyllic as this was, my heart was filled with nostalgia for Irish waters, colder temperatures, the sound and sight of white capped waves and the smell of seaweed, a more raw and wild beauty. 

It’s possible to get homesick for a sea. Who knew?

In the following months of travel and training, my VOYA products took on a new significance. They were a connection to that image. Not only did it soothe my hot, dehydrated and salty skin after a day of diving, but it sustained a connection with the waters of home. Nourishment for my soul as well as my body. 


In the last year I have met the people behind the products. It now feels rather silly and superficial to consider them purely a skincare company. Respectful of the environment and preserving the tradition that is sustainable seaweed harvesting, wellness and recovery are on a par with beauty and luxury. 

They’re a family, a community who cherish their connection with the water and their roots in Strandhill, Sligo. 

Voya Organic Beauty

I’m proud to be a VOYA ambassador. Particularly over the last few months the favourite part of my day is the time I spend in and underwater. Gasping as the cold water hits my body, I lift my toes and turn towards the rising sun. Floating alongside the seaweed in awe of the scene around me, the experience is what I believe VOYA products emulate, raw and wild beauty. 



My Little Hero | Facial Serum

This is probably my favourite. I spend a lot of time outside and in the water so My Little Hero is a must for protecting against environmental damage. It feels so soothing and smells delish. A staple for my daily routine.


Hydra Veil | Hydrating Face Mask

I use this face mask for some serious skin nourishment. I pop a thin layer of Hydra Veil on and leave it on overnight . You can see the difference immediately. My skin gets a little ‘radiance boost’ but even better, feels silky smooth.

Voya Serenergise Muscle Relaxing Body Oil


Serenergise | Muscle Relaxing Body Oil

I recently gave a bottle of this to a pal who’s ALL about recovery. Saunas, foam rolling, shakti mats, he’s always on the lookout for ways to aid recovery after heavy-duty rugby training. Look no further, Steve! I use this on sore and tired muscles post-training and it gets to work (without having that overpowering smell I normally associate with muscle rubs!) Over the last few months, I’ve switched to using it in the evening to help offset lockdown stress and encourage relaxation before bed-time.


Luxury Scented Candle | African Lime and Clove

I am a divil for candles. I love them. Sitting room, bathroom, bedroom; if there’s a clear surface, I’ll fill it with candles. So, I can’t mention my favourites without the African Lime & Clove Scented Candle getting a look in.


- VOYA products are packaged using recyclable and 100% biodegradable chips that dissolve in water. See how here.

- The carbon dioxide emissions associated with the general operations of VOYA have been offset. These funds will be invested in the protection and restoration of threatened tropical forests. Learn more here

- VOYA is proud sponsor of Seal Rescue Ireland, sponsoring one seal a month for the entire year! For a dose of seal cuteness check out Seal Rescue Ireland's Instagram. 


As an 8 time national record holder free diver, year-round sea swimmer and blue mind advocate, Claire is passionate about life in, on and underwater and what it can teach us about how to live on land.

The practice of holding your breath underwater and all it requires: breathing techniques, relaxation, mindfulness and mental strategy and strength, has been the greatest wellness tool she has experienced.

Claire Walsh Free Diver

Blending her unique experience of breathing through her background in singing, movement and performance, freediving has elevated Claire’s understanding of breath, Its potential and the benefits it holds for the voice, body and mind.

Just Take a Deep Breath is a series of workshops and talks that explore how life can be found between the inhale and the exhale and how the sea can nourish, challenge and invigorate us.

 You can learn more about Claire and follow her free-diving escapades on Instagram and Facebook.