Organic Muslin Facial Cloths


Made from 100% organic cotton. Use VOYA's Organic Muslin Facial Cloths with Totally Balmy or your favourite VOYA cleanser.

3 Cloths

Directions for Use

Gently massage the cleanser with a muslin cloth onto your face and neck using circular massage movements. This will help boost circulation, dislodge dead skin cells and lift away any impurities or make-up. Rinse cloth under warm water, gently wring it out and remove any final traces of cleanser from your skin. To finish splash your face with cool water to close the pores. Follow with VOYA's Ritzy Spritzy toner and Me Time moisturiser.

After Use

After every use, rinse the cloths thoroughly and allow to air dry naturally. Pop into a 40-degree whitewash after every 2 uses, to keep your cloths fresh and clean. 


Global organic textile standard voya

Organic Luxury From The Sea

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