Luxury Room Spray | Cedarwood & Bergamot


This uplifting fragrance will effortlessly transform any room in your home with just a few sprays. Be enchanted by invigorating eucalyptus, blended with compelling citrus and deep earthy forest scents that are 100% natural. This fragrance is timeless, refined and ultra-luxurious, Sweet Bergamot mixed with luscious Cedarwood and Rosewood creates a sumptuous yet balanced aroma. 


VOYA Room Spray's

Discover the quickest and most convenient way to give your home an opulent VOYA spa ambience. Our 100% natural luxury room sprays will naturally eliminate odours, freshening the air with essential oils. Kind to you, your room, your home and the earth.

Directions for Use

  • Shake before use. Hold the container in an upright position and point towards the centre of the room.  
  • Press button downwards for 2/3 sprays depending on room size.
  • This room spray uses only natural ingredients to eliminate odours.
Organic Luxury From The Sea

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