Voya Luminosity Exfoliator

It is not surprising that with the onset of winter many of us start having a few extra issues with our skin, especially those who tend to suffer from dry or dull skin or those who deal with outbreaks associated with inflammation. Did you know by that adding an exfoliator to your skincare routine you can help to improve skin texture, especially during the colder months? This week, we breakdown which type of environmentally conscious, results-driven exfoliator you need to be using this winter. 

The Benefits of Exfoliating

Due to an increase in free radicals, shorter days, indoor heating, less water intake, diet changes, and blistering wind and that weird freezing fog we had to endure! One thing we should never forget is also to keep up your exfoliation. It is a myth that you should stop exfoliating in winter, in fact, due to less sun exposure it is safer time to unclog pores and decrease that excess dead skin build-up which will help your skin absorb those beautiful serums, oil and moisturisers much more.

Remember we need to bump up our serum and moisturiser duo applications morning and evening in winter to combat environmental elements and always keep an eye on your water intake throughout the day. Plus, even in winter remember don’t forget your SPF! You can read more about the importance of your SPF here. 

Exfoliating Dos & Don'ts

If you want to achieve healthy, smooth and hydrated skin, exfoliation will always have to play a part of your skincare regime. What type of exfoliator you use is dependent on your skin type, skin concerns and preferences. The real aim here is to find a nontoxic exfoliator that will work to give your skin a gentle, gradual exfoliation, and will not compromise your skin’s barrier at any stage.

Exfoliating twice a week will work to remove unwanted skin dead and increase proper skin cell turnover. But, remember do not overdo it either! Always exfoliated a cleansed fresh face in the evening time. Proper exfoliation will help minimise the appearance of fine lines and optimize translucency to combat the dulling effects that naturally occur over time. At VOYA we offer both a bamboo granule exfoliator Love a Scrub, and an active fruit enzyme exfoliator, Luminosity.

Fruit Enzyme Exfoliators

Fruit Enzyme Exfoliators

Enzymes work by digesting the dead skin that builds upon the surface of the skin without interrupting the protective layer. Working in a similar way to salicylic acid, the fruit enzymes in Luminosity are highly active! So, if you have overly sensitive skin, we advise steering clear of this one, just as you would with AHA peel etc., this exfoliator is safe and certified organic and works very well on normal, oily and combination skin types.  What differs about this product is the science part, it works in a new way to rejuvenate dull skin, it will bring out your natural luminosity, hence the name.

The renewed glow you will achieve is thanks to vitamin C-rich pineapple enzymes, which gently remove the outer layer of dead skin cells that trap bacteria and sebum, all the while moisturizing and softening skin. Ultimately the protease will leave the skin feeling soft and smooth while creating a rejuvenated feel and look.

How Fruit Enzymes Work 

Enzymes are large structures that consist of several different protein subunits that are linked together and held in place by chaperone proteins. The active site of the enzyme is a small segment of the entire protein. The enzyme only works when the active site can come into contact with the polypeptide sequence for which there is an affinity.

Exfoliation is an important segment of a skincare regimen, which serves to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells that traps both bacteria and sebum. Utilizing pineapple enzymes for this purpose is appealing to consumers due to the medicinal qualities associated with this ancient fruit. Pineapple also contains the proteolytic enzyme, Bromelain, which helps to gently breakdown and digest large proteins that have accumulated on the skin, hair and scalp. Fruit enzymes, particularly proteolytic enzymes, also serve as a safe means of removing product and pollutant build-up from the tiny hair strands on your skin.

Why is there Bamboo in my Exfoliator?

A lot of other granular exfoliators often use almond, walnuts, oatmeal, and bran wax to slough off dead winter skin cells, but here are VOYA we have chosen certified-organic ethically and sustainably sourced Bamboo extract mixed with almond nut oil extract in our, Love A Scrub to create the perfect gently buff for your skin.

Bamboo in my exfoliator

Bamboo spears are ground down to perfectly round beads, unlike other facial scrubs that use walnut powder and other harmful abrasives, bamboo creates a dense microfoliant that gently polishes and buffs the skin for the ideal amount of exfoliation. With this exfoliator the hint is in the name, Love a Scrub. This one involves you doing the scrubbing, with small circular motions and is suitable for those with drier skin to really work on it. This is a truly a gentle yet effective exfoliator as long you use it correctly. Only a small amount is required to cover the entire face. Bamboo is one of the softest fibres for exfoliation, its softness and naturally smooth texture and round edges make it a gentle and safe option for nearly skin types.

Massage gently for one minute and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. For best results follow with Ritzy Spritzy toner and Me Time moisturiser

The Eco Part - Double Carbon Sink Effect

Bamboo fibre exfoliators like Love a Scrub are the environmentally-conscious choice. 

It goes without saying that when choosing a granular exfoliator, you should not choose ones that use plastic microbeads, as they are not biodegradable and cause a serious amount of damage in our oceans and to wildlife. Bamboo has hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties that make it ideal to be used on your skin, it is biodegradable of course too. As humans, we need to remove some of the carbon dioxide that is already in the air and oceans.

Voya Love a Scrub Exfoliator

Bamboo absorbs 2x more carbon dioxide than trees, which is why they are known to act as carbon sinks. It also generates a vast amount of oxygen, totalling up to 30% more than most plants and trees. Remind you of anything? That is where seaweed comes in, just like bamboo, as seaweed grows it absorbs carbon dioxide, acting as a carbon sink also as its growth rate is about 30% to 60% times the rate of land-based plants.  Seaweed will play a huge role in fighting climate change by absorbing carbon emissions, regenerating marine ecosystems, creating biofuel and renewable plastics as well as generating marine protein.

So, there you have it, two completely different yet very effective eco exfoliators from VOYA to choose from this winter.