Lazy Days Organic Mesh Bag


Take your seaweed bathing experience to the next level with the Lazy Days Organic Bag, the ultimate skin reviving bathing accessory to the VOYA Lazy Days Seaweed Bath. This is a re-usable and sustainable mesh bag that will keep bathwater free from loose seaweed and maximise the benefits of a Lazy Days Seaweed Bath.

1 x 100% Organic Cotton Bag


  • Allows the Seaweed Alginates (gels) to fully infuse into the water while keeping the bath water free of seaweed.
  • Allows the seaweed to be placed on areas of the body as a soothing compress.
  • Reusable as a multi-use storage bag that can be used without the Lazy Days Seaweed Bath.

Directions for Use

  • To be used with VOYA Lazy Days. Take VOYA Lazy Days Seaweed out of its packaging and place into the VOYA Lazy Days Organic Bag, then tie the bag to close. Add any excess salt to the bathwater.
  • The seaweed will naturally hydrate and spring back to life. The hot water will release the plant's alginate properties, squeezing the seaweed will also help to release more gel.
  • Fully submerge the filled VOYA Lazy Days Organic Bag into bathwater, allowing the seaweed to fully rehydrate and expand. Once the Seaweed is fully hydrated, use the filled bag to massage the Seaweed Alginates into the skin and hair. As you massage, gently squeeze the bag to release more Seaweed goodness. To use as a soothing compress for the skin, place the filled bag onto the body.
  • Once you have finished bathing, hang the filled VOYA Lazy Days Organic Bag from taps, allowing the water to drain. It can then be used with the same seaweed for another 2-3 bathing sessions.(Once hydrated, VOYA Lazy Days should be used within 72 hours.)
  • When not being used as part of a seaweed bath, this bag can be used for storage and travelling.)


    Global organic textile standard voya

    Organic Luxury From The Sea

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